- Model R2060 - 2 Row Trailed Potato Harvester with Bunker



With the R2060 trailed potato harvester, Dewulf has built a high-performance machine that significantly improves working speed, ease of use and potato quality. Thanks to its modular concept, the R2060 bunker harvester is perfectly adaptable to your specific working conditions.

7-tonne bunker
Unloading on the move
Large cleaning capacity
Big wheels guarantee driving ability in all weather conditions
Accessible maintenance
Maintenance-free components (PTO, closed gear boxes)

The R2060 potato harvester is equipped with a digger web, followed by two sieving webs. The R2060 is an offset harvester, which makes sure that the ridges are not compressed and the soil can be sieved much better. The first sieving web is standard equipped with two agitators, with an optional third agitator. The agitators have adjustable speed and can be switched on or off independently. Extra agitators in the first, second and third sieving webs are optional. The harvester also features two hedgehog belts which have adjustable speed and inclination. When intensive cleaning is required, you can also choose the optional cleaning module.

A haulm roller - positioned after the second sieving web - or a deviner web ensures effective separation and disposal of haulm inside the harvester. The wide, open ring elevator fills homogeneously across the entire breadth, rotates slower and hence maintains its sieving capacity. This way, quality losses are reduced to a minimum.

The R2060 is available in various models:

  • RS2060: with haulm roller and 2 hedgehog belts
  • RA2060: with haulm roller, exchangeable cleaning module and 2 hedgehog belts
  • RQ2060: with deviner web and 2 hedgehog belts
  • RQA2060: with deviner web, exchangeable cleaning module and 2 hedgehog belts

Axial rollers for wet conditions

Especially in extremely wet conditions, harvested potatoes will stick together in big clumps of soil. The R2060 will first transport the potato stream over the wide bottom hedgehog belt. Next, the big clods will fall apart before they reach the axial rollers. The potato stream is perfectly distributed across the entire width of the axial rollers. Thanks to this excellent spread, the potato flow takes full advantage of the cleaning capacity of the axial rollers.

  • Various diameter sizes and axial rollers available
  • Anti-blockage system for solid protection against foreign objects
  • Reversible axial rollers
  • Easy access thanks to hydraulically removable unit
  • Time-saving exchange between axial rollers and regular conveyor web

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