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Model R5500 - Saw Bars and Chains


When designing our R5500 we increased the efficiency and reduced everything else. For the last 30 years, the only way to increase efficiency has been to increase the speed of the saw motor. We have done the opposite. With the R5500 you have to revise all your ideas about what is possible. We halved the rpm but created a sawing unit that cuts up to 40% faster than traditional units. This means you can produce up to one cubic metre more per hour. Because the saw motor is running at a lower speed, it consumes less fuel, generates less heat and makes less noise. The saw bar is more stable and less prone to oscillate, permitting a quicker cut with less risk of damage to the chain and the saw box.


The higher efficiency and torque provided by the motor will make cutting cracks a thing of the past. 

In the R5500, we have also eliminated the initial delay of the cutting cylinder and designed a new support for the saw bar that is four times stronger than the old one, significantly reducing the risk of saw bar deformation. 

In addition, the R5500 has a redesigned double-sided and well-balanced drive sprocket, with 22 teeth. The new sprocket made it possible to lower the motor speed to 5300 rpm, without reducing the flow or the chain speed, which are the same as in traditional saw units. The fact that the new drive sprocket lasts the entire life of the harvester head is an added bonus. 

Of course, the R5500 is fitted with an automatic chain tensioner, reducing both the number of chain derailings and the wear on the chain and the saw bar. 

All in all, operating economy improves considerably. 

The R5500 can be mounted on a hydraulic motor from Sunfab, of size 34, 40, 47 or 64 cc. The sawing unit can be delivered for left-handed or right-handed mounting, and can take saw bars and chains measuring 0.404”, 2.0 mm and ¾”. 

The unit is fitted with the new JW saw bar from Iggesund Forest, available in all standard lengths, with or without fluid treatment. The Iggesund Forest saw bars are also available in two new lengths: 70 and 85 cm. 

  • Higher efficiency
  • Less wear and tear
  • Half the RPM
  • Better fuel economy
  • Less heat generation
  • Less noise
  • Fewer cracks

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