Model R610 - Manure Spreader



With a 336 cubic ft. capacity, the R610 model is the first in the H Series spreaders.  This pull type material spreader needs a minimum of 120 HP to transport materials and spread as needed. Primarily made to spread manure, the dual horizontal beaters provide a consistent and uniform spread pattern.  The beaters are removable for stock piling and other material handling.

  • Double horizontal beaters
  • 1/2' thick beaters
  • Pull type model
  • Variable speed hydraulic apron drive
  • Removable beater panels
  • Hydraulic end gate

Polyethylene floor liner
Polyethylene floor liner1/8 in. polyethylene floor liner for smoother operation, less wear, less freezing of material on floor and easier cleanout.

Durable steel frame
Durable Steel FrameWelded 2 in. x 4 in. heavy wall tubular steel frame ribs with 2 in. x 6 in. cross struts for superior box strength and rigidity. The front panel is constructed of 7 gauge steel.

Heavy duty chain
Heavy Duty ChainArt’s Way Spreaders feature a powerful beater drive with heavy duty #100 roller chains.

Slop gate
Slop gateSteel frame slop gate with 3/8 in. polyethylene liner and twin lift cylinders. (Slop gate positioning is determined by the material being spread.)

Heavy duty beaters
Heavy duty beatersHeavy duty dual 24 in. diameter cast iron flange bearings with 24 – 1/2 in. steel beater teeth.

Adjustable flow control
Adjustable Flow ControlStandard hydraulic apron worm gear drive with variable flow speed control.

Inside box  
Length  16 ft.
Width  6 ft.
Height  3.5 ft.
Loading height:  70 in.
Overall length:  283 in.
Overall width:  126 in.
Overall height:  74 in.
Capacity (cu ft struck):  336
PTO speed:  1000
Apron chain (pintle):  667X
Tires:  16.00 x R20
Weight (lbs.):  6240
Power requirements:  120 HP

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