Radiant Plaque Heaters


High efficiency powerful ‘ceramic’ heat emitter - 4 models from 7kW to 30kW in natural gas and LPG. ‘Ultra’ high efficiency 5 models from 7kW to 40kW Hi/Lo control throughout the range. In natural gas and LPG.

Aircraft hangars, arenas, atriums, auto service & repair shops, barns, car dealerships, cargo facilities, entryways, farm & agricultural buildings, fire stations, freeze protections, garages, gymnasiums, kennels, loading docks, machine shops, maintenance buildings, manufacturing & assembly areas, pole tents, recreational facilities, restaurants, retail stores, sports facilities, spot heating, stadiums, steel storage, truck terminals, small warehouses, wood working shops, zone heating.

Thus, gas infrared heaters produce an optimal ambient temperature the natural way, by warming up floors, equipment, people, just like the sun.

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