- Model 45 & 50 - Silage Wagon



Standard the RADIUM 45 and 50 have a buggy tandem with a self steering axle. The grassland is treated with care and the tire wear caused by turns on solid ground is minimized.

Dosing rollers 

The RADIUM silage wagon can be equipped with two dosing rollers. The rollers unload the forage equally and provide an even spreading on the silo (corn, grass, GPS, LKS, wood chips, etc.). Because the even spreading of the silage there is more time for compaction of the silo, which results in a higher quality of the silo. The rollers are connected with each other and driven by a chain and sprockets. Automatic chain tensioners ensure appropriate chain tension at all times. The remainder of the complete maintenance free drive system of the rollers. 

Back door

Mechanical locking of the hydraulic backdoor guarantees save transportation of the load. Hydraulic cylinders initially lift the backdoor vertically up until it comes free. Only then the door can be opened.

Front wall

The front wall, of all RADIUM forage trailers, is completely made from grid-plate, such that the tractor driver has a perfect view on the loading process of the wagon. The front wall has a hydraulic folding top which makes it easier to drive right behind a forage harvester during the start of a new field. Another solution for this issue is the tipping version of the RADIUM. This tipping version makes it easier to drive reverse and makes it easier to follow the forage harvester at the start of a new field.

Conveyor chain

All RADIUM silage wagons have four chains and one gearbox in the center of the transport floor. This makes the unloading easy, fast and extremely reliable. Wagons which are not equipped with rollers have a hydraulic motor to drive the conveyor chain. Additionally the drive gearbox at the back of the wagon is located at the center. Strong mounted protection bars prevent damage to the drive gearbox. The conveyor chain is built between the chassis and the top construction, such that the drive system is protected against damages while working. The transport floor, chains and side walls are galvanized for a long and more reliable working life.

Conical superstructure

The RADIUM was the first silage wagon with a conical superstructure: the rear side is 6 cm wider than the front. This guarantees an easy unload process, regardless the kind of forage.

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