- Model 55 & 60 - Silage Wagon



Bigger forage harvesters and longer distances require larger silage wagons. The answer: RADIUM 55 and 60.

Suspension and steering

The chassis is hydraulic suspended and the axles are hydraulically forced steered. The hydraulic suspension provides the best driveability on the road and an excellent weight distribution on the soil. The steering axles also contribute to the protection of the field surface, in order to increase the maneuverability and to reduce fuel consumption. The RADIUM 60 is also available with a lift axle, which also leads to a lower fuel consumption and less tire wear. Standard the drawbar suspension of the RADIUM silage wagons consists of rubber buffers. Hydraulic drawbar suspension is standard on a RADIUM 60 and optional for the RADIUM 45, 50, and 55.

Twist-lock exchange system

The superstructure of all RADIUM silage wagons is fitted to the chassis with a twist lock exchange system. This means that the chassis of the trailer can be used for different purposes, for example to fit a slurry tanker, manure spreader or salt spreader. This makes the depreciation time significantly shorter. With four simple lifting cylinders the superstructure can easily be changed.

Conveyor chain

After a long ride with a fully loaded trailer the forage needs to be unloaded. Because of the enormous loading capacity and compaction the conveyor chains will be exposed to very large forces. Therefore, both the RADIUM 55 and 60 are equipped with 2 x 2 chains to ensure an even unloading process regardless of what kind of product is transported.


To guarantee the road safety of other road users, all RADIUMS are provided with good and clear lighting. Also a under ride protection frame is mounted to avoid major injuries during a collision from behind. All safety rules are strictly applied to prevent major injury.

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