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Haulm topping perfectly fits the government’s and the consumers’ wish to use less chemical substances in agriculture. As such, mechanical haulm topping is desired. With the AVR haulm toppers, you are guaranteed that the haulm topping is optimal!This optimal result can only be achieved when using the best machines. Thanks to the renovated form of the topper, the suction power is higher, which results in better topping. The AVR Rafale comes in quite a few working widths and versions. All haulm toppers are by default provided with a three point linkage, so both mounting at the front and rear is possible, without conversion.

Rafale: completely new designThe Rafale boasts a completely new design and consequently contains the good elements of the actual topper, combined with a few improvements.The three point linkage on the machine can easily be converted so that the machine can be transformed from a rear to a front haulm topper. The two lower point scan move in a slot in order to compensate small hunchbacks on the field. Centrally located on the haulm topper is a T-gear with a continuous axle. A pto shaft can be attached on both sides. That is why the AVR toppers can be easily and rapidly transformed from front to rear mounting.

One single rotor shaft
In the 4 x 75 cm model, the Rafale now has one single rotor shaft, without middle bearing. This has a lot of advantages: The weight of the machine is lower and the maintenance is easier and cheaper. In order to achieve this, the rotor shaft is now has a diameter of 168 mm, where this used to be 152, which is an increase of more than 10%.  The wall thickness is increased, resulting in a very strong shaft, stronger than the previous construction with the middle bearing. The shaft remains stable at high rotation speeds. In the 4x90 cm model, the machine is driven at both sides, in order to drive this wide machine regularly. On the 4X90 machine, we provided the machine of a middle bearing in order to guarantee the stability of the axle.

The flails
One of the most important parts of the haulm topper are the flails. The flails are made out of 1 part and are quenched. The flails are thus insensitive to bending. Due to the differences in length and special form, the flails follow the ridge precisely. The form of the hood is completely revised: the hood mainly takes care of the suction power of the topper. The topped haulm is better conducted between the ridges via haulm guide rods. The driving happens through five link belts, which can easily conduct high powers but also offer protection against overload due to stones or other foreign objects. The link belt scan easily be tightened without dismantling the hood.
With all the adjustments, the topper became lighter, thanks to which it can easily be used in front of the tractor but with little tracking depth of the tractor.

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