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Irrigation systems are a very peculiar industry and a real pride for the Serallegri brothers, founding members and managers of Marotta Macchine, who in the last 20 years have turned it into an efficient and professional service. Private gardens; Public parks; Bio noise barriers; Agriculture; Plant and tree growing; Dust reduction and cooling; Sports facilities.

Marotta Macchine has achieved excellent results in any kind of application in this industry – residential areas, sports facilities, dust reduction and agricultural applications – and we can boast very high quality levels, guaranteed by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification. Marotta Macchine, leading in irrigation systems design and installation, provides its customers with the best irrigation solutions for specific requirements based on its wide experience and extensive know-how. The automatic irrigation systems produced by Marotta Macchine, which include advanced technologies, guarantee a consistent irrigation through the review of soil conditions, the sequential watering of different sectors in your green area, the definition of the irrigation cycles duration and frequency even for many weeks, offering great economic benefits through the careful use of water.

The most important systems and fountains for public parks we developed are in Ancona, Pesaro, Milan, Rimini, Fano, Morciano di Romagna, Fabriano, Cattolica, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Riccione, Senigallia, Jesi, Savona, Ceriale, Macerata, Verona, Turin, Faenza, Ravenna, and Cervia. We also worked for global companies like SAGAT (company managing the Turin Caselle airport), Berloni, Scavolini, Corriere dello Sport, TeamSystem, and for important individual customers as Rudas Mae Leonie (manager of Pavarotti and Michael Jackson), the Earls Luigi and Pia Cosmelli in Montemarciano (AN), Antonio Merloni (Ariston appliances), Maggioli (editor) and thousands of others.

The agricultural sector is nonetheless important, and our engineers are very committed to it. Low returns from farming activities and the resulting need to minimize production costs mean the installation of automation devices on irrigation systems is crucial in this industry. Some years ago, Marotta Macchine also started installing irrigation systems on wooden noise barriers; they perfectly fit into the surrounding environment and ensure benefits like an excellent noise absorption coefficient (25dB/A) and long duration of its noise reduction features. We implemented solutions like these in most stretches of Italian highways number A4 and A22, in Bressanone, Sommacampagna, Sacrocuore, Sarmego, Altavilla Vicentina, Vicenza, Verona, Altichiero, Ponte Rotto, Ponte Alto, Torre, Genovesa, and also in Trento-Bolzano and Bolzano-Bressanone railways lines. Our design departments supported the implementation of these systems, and developed interesting aesthetic solutions, as the inclusion in the wooden panels of specific basins, where plants are bedded and watered through localized drop irrigation systems.


Water is the source of life; it is the first element, the origin of everything. Its essential role has been recognized since the ancient times when nature was explained through myths and today scientific thesis confirm its importance. Water is nature, kindness and strength, beauty for the eyes and it is a resource to use with respect. The project of Marotta Machine comes out from the combination of two concepts – nature and technology – that are apparently so far one from the other. It aims to carefully use water resources and to supply to all kinds of green surfaces (from the garden of a private house to sports grounds, big public areas and golf courses) the ideal quantity of water. All aspects are carefully and professionally assessed: the respect of natural times, the study of particular situations through the knowledge of climatology and the chemical characteristics of the ground, the research of the most advanced solutions of automation, leading technologies for those who simply want to enjoy this natural sight. All this is made in order to reach the perfect blend between nature and technology.


To be totally free of getting in contact with nature is the aim; the plants of Marotta Macchine for automatized irrigation are the means. The greatest pleasure we can have in front of our garden is to look at its luxuriant nature in total relax. Last generation irrigation systems are conceived to coordinate all elements which play a role in the creation of the ideal garden: chemical composition of the ground, exposure to sunlight, type of plants, quantity of water, choice of the way to irrigate, assessment of the times for the best utilization. Technologic research which derives from the organization of all these variables aims to the customer’s satisfaction: thanks to the professional skills and the experience of Marotta Macchine, you will just have to relax and enjoy the natural sight of your home.


Nature in the city is not an utopia, but a necessity. Oxygen and beauty, open spaces to experience the contact with the earth are not just a dream, they are possible. As for private gardens, the use of water as a resource is the most important aspect: it is not only related to the need of plants, but it takes into consideration various components such as the economic side, the maximum possibility of use for citizens, the real-time control of wide areas and any other particular case or possible anomaly. Marotta Macchine successfully offers its knowhow for designing water plants for wide spaces such as urban parks. Our projects are the most advanced in research and technology and guarantee the most qualified solutions for all the main issues: energetic control, decrease of the loss of a precious resource such as water and reduction of maintenance works. With the irrigating systems of Marotta Macchine, green areas in the city simply become nature to live.


Their constant and wide use, the need of diversifying the time for maintenance and refitting interventions and the necessity to carefully assess the economic aspect require a particular attention. Marotta Macchine plants consider all elements that distinguish this kind of grounds and guarantee the possibility of always having a perfect sport surface where maintenance costs, water loss and energetic consumption are strongly reduced. The advanced automation of our irrigating plants allows to use these surfaces for the maximum number of hours during the day.

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