- Model SM-TDR - Soil Moisture Sensor



The SM-TDR Soil Moisture sensor works by measuring the dielectric constant, which is directly related to water content in any reasonable growing condition. The probe is made of a small electronic module protected from environmental parameters attached to one end of the cylindrical probe. This sensor will monitor soil moisture accurately in all types of soils at all moisture levels. This sensor is ideal for fields, turf, landscapes, and greenhouses. The sensor output may be used to directly control irrigation.

This sensor will help by:

  • Reducing human error through automatic remote monitoring
  • Avoid soil sampling by personnel
  • Minimize water and energy usage
  • Reduce runoff - saving material and cleanup costs

  • High Stability
  • Maintenance-Free Operation
  • Distributed Measurement Averaged Over 18'
  • Replaces Several One Point Sensors Needed for Averaging
  • Simple Installation
  • Independent of Soil Texture

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