Model RAJ - Reel Sprinking Machines


Reel sprinking machines are designed for irrigating agricultural, horicultural and nursery crops, meadows, pastures, as well as for spray irrigation of liquid nature. The turn-able is fixed on an uniaxial frame in the shape of a triangle, on wchich a drum with a Poliethylene(PE) reeled hose is installed. At the end of the hose a carriage with a irrigation sprayer is installed. After setting the sprinkling machine in a given place, the PE hose should be unreeled by pulling a sprinkler carriage witha a tractor. Water, supplied under pressure, makes the rotor of water turbine move wchich by means of a reduction gear makes the drum turn. After passing the water system, water is thrown out through the irrigation sprayer at large distance. The sprinkler carriage range, and the length of PE hose. The watering cycle last from a couple to several hours, depending on the need of having a propoer watering dose.

Portable sprinkling machines are designed for vegetative irrigation of all field and garden crops.

Sprinkling machines can be used for crops and seed irrigation at the time of root crops harvest to provide protection against frost. Pumping engines, pieps and sprinkling elements can be used for anti-fire and anti-flood actions.

A great diversity of fields wchoch can be irrigated does not let show an universal solution of a sprinkling machine which could be used in all cases.

N609 shunting pipeline is designed mainly for sprinkling irrigation in large-size farms, equipped with underground sprinkling network with 500m spacing between distributing pipes with hydrants.

Pipeline construction makes it possible to be used also in networks with different spacing of underground distributing pipes with hydrants, and also with the use of surface supplying pipelines. By means of N609 shunting pipeline it is possible to irrigate all plant species with the height less than 0,8m. Spray irrigation of liquid manure and industrial wastes which do not cause earlier corrosion is possible with the use of proper sprinklers - not very sensitive to clogging by permanent parts.

We offer full asortment of sprinklers for our irrigation systems.

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