Spinach/Spring Mix Mechanical Harvester



The Ramsay Highlander Spinach/Spring Mix Mechanical Harvester represent a revolution in the harvesting of Baby Leaf, Spinach and other small leaf produce. Built completely in stainless steel for food safety and longevity. Reports from the field indicate that Ramsay's machine has reduced harvesting cost from .28 cents per pound to less than .01 cent per pound.  With a capability of cutting over 15,000 Lbs. per hour you can see how these savings can be achieved. With hydrostatic drive and rear wheel steering Ramsay's machine is reliable and user friendly.  With harvesting speeds from 0 mph to over 3 mph you can imagine how well you will gain control of your harvesting cost.  You will reduce labor while increasing quality and production output. Also available in: Dual Purpose Model for bulk and totes with four wheel steering, a track drive.

  • 130ga Water System
  • Night Harvest Lights
  • Wind Screens
  • 2nd Speed (road speed)
  • Mild Steel
  • Shaker Bars with Trash Belts Augers
  • Wheel Drive
  • Track Drive
  • Stainless Steel

  • Spinach, Spring Mix, Baby Leaf

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