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The cutter drives are divided into two groups. The most popular option is the drive with a swing arm which is used for the finger bars and public works bars. The twin-cutter drive with two swing arms is used for all twin-cutter bars. Depending on the machine and mowing bar concerned, different cutter drives with different stroke options are used.

Outstanding features of Rapid cutter drives are their robust design and modular structure. Various cutter stroke options and two cutter drive lengths are available. This also enables the cutters to be positioned at the optimum cutting angle regardless of the type of tyres used.

The swing arm is moved by an eccentric drive running in an oil bath. The eccentric drive determines the stroke of the cutter. Currently, three different cutter stroke options are available at Rapid. The long swing arm minimises the rotational movement of the swing arm pin, thereby reducing the level of wear and tear to which the drive block is subject.

The cutter drives can be supplemented via the use of a wide variety of options.

  • additional weights for extra bar load
  • park supports

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