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- Model 100 Series - Precision Chop Loader Wagon


The Rapide stands out from other self-loading forage wagons by its simplicity, and this is the strength of the machine at the same time. Large loading volumes, easy operation and low maintenance guarantee many years of good returns. All precision chop loader wagons have been fitted with the unique loading and chopping system. The cutting knives can be used on either side and can be easily exchanged at the front of the wagon. The intake of the wagons, consisting of a 6-bar trailed pick-up, a guide roller and a 8-tine rotor, guarantee the smooth and rapid transport of the crop to the loading floor. The hydraulically driven deck chain takes the crop to the back.

The Rapide 100-series is often used for multiple purposes at modern dairy farms, for instance for feeding silage and freshly cut meadow grass, as well as for silo filling with grass during summer. The Rapide 125, 135 and 165 are very successful wagons in the medium range. Thanks to the 2 m rotor, the heavy driving line and an inside dimension of 2.2 m, these models have been part of the stable factor on many farms.

Schuitemaker also carries the product range of the Rapide 145 MKII, 155, 240 and 370. These models vary in the construction method and capacity. The volume varies from 36 m3 (DIN) to 66 m3 (DIN). The different construction methods are shown in the width of the rotor an pick-up (2 m), various options for upersteel constructions and a large diversity of underframes and possible tandems, varying from 14 to 40 ton carrying capacity.

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