Rapid Technic AG

- Model REX - Mountain Mower for Extreme Steep Slopes



The Rapid Rex has been developed substantially lighter once again than the existing ‘mountain cat’, the Rapid Swiss. The Rapid Rex is thus even more suitable for extreme steep slopes. Its low centre of gravity and hydrostatic drive make easy and safe mowing possible even in critical locations. The Rex achieves hitherto unparalleled compactness for hydrostatically powered motor mowers. The near-axle position of the motor permits a large angle of repose and increases the bar support of the machine that weighs only 89 kg. The 54/52-mm attachment support can hold middle-cutting bars of 1.3 to 1.6m in width and communal bars of 1.22 and 1.42 m. The driving speed is regulated via a turning handle.

  • engine and output: Subaru Robin EX 21, incl. petrol pump, 5.1 kW/7 HP, 1 cylinder
  • capacity: 211 ccm
  • gradient suitability: 120%
  • drive: hydrostatic, continuous
  • speed: 0-7 km/h forwards, 0-4 km/h backwards
  • power take-off shaft: direction of rotation (looking towards the power take-off shaft supports) counter-clockwise, at 645 rpm¹
  • power take-off shaft clutch: electromagnetic clutch (on/off)
  • steering: hydraulic bar steering, can be switched off
  • options: operating hours meter, lighting 12V/21W
  • tyres: field studs (4.00-8), double tyre format, grid wheels

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