Rapid Technic AG

- Model SWISS - Exceptionally Light and Mobile Motor Mower



With its Swiss model, Rapid has developed an exceptionally light and mobile motor mower for mountainous terrains which fits perfectly into the family of Rapid machines. Its hydrostatic drive offering continuous forward and backward movement and its active steering controlled via the handlebar mean the Swiss can be steered easily, even under difficult circumstances.

The main feature of the Swiss is its handlebar-controlled, single-wheel steering with two independent, hydraulic drives. The engine is equipped as standard with a petrol pump and mountain injector, providing optimum suitability for work on steep gradients. By simply turning the two screws directly on the axle, the machine is switched to free-running mode. This enables the machine to be moved without motor power and also to be towed.

  • engine and output: Subaru, Robin EX 27, OHV petrol engine 9 HP / 6.6 KW, 1 cylinder
  • capacity: 265 ccm
  • gradient suitability: 100%
  • drive: hydrostatic, continuous
  • speed: 0-8 km/h forwards / 0-4 km/h backwards
  • power take-off shaft: direction of rotation (looking towards the power take-off shaft supports) clockwise at 850 rpm¹
  • power take-off shaft clutch: mechanically with single-hand operation
  • steering: active steering via handlebar
  • weight: 137 kg incl. tyres BR 18x9.50-8
  • options: lighting, operating hours meter, winter panelling
  • tyres: field studs (4.00-10, 18x9.50-8), lawn profile (18x7.00-8), double tyre format, grid wheels and sprocket wheels

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