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- Model 35 S - Large Capacity Silage Trailer



The Raptor offers system engineering which specialists have adapted for professional agricultural companies and farm contractors.


  • 41 knives in a row
  • theoretical cutting length: 35 mm
  • volumetric capacity: 31-36 m³
  • closed oil bath spur gearbox with 90 mm diameter shaft
  • 2 or 3 aggressive dosing rollers
  • tailgate indicator  
  • tires up to 26.5'
  • optimal for use as silage transport trailer
  • hydraulic chassis(optional)


  • smooth material flow without constrictions
  • pick-up width: 1,90 m

TOP-Feed quality

  • consistent quality of chopped material
  • high compression in the silo
  • optimal feed structure, providing good digestion and energy conversion for the animals


  • toolless change of knives within shortest time
  • convenient electro-hydraulic operation

Optimal material flow, from the 1,90 m wide pickup with wind guard roller, through the rotors and into the bin.The wide tines are used to optimally fill the bin. The scraper floor is driven by 4 high-strength chains (11 x 31 mm, each with a 15 t tensilve strength).The construction of the Raptor is designed according to the latest practically factors: The frame with its closed, solid steel construction and powder coated, galvanized, trapezoidal sheet steel side panels ensure long service life.The side controls provide for additional comfort during cutting unit maintenance.The wide rotor with its 8 spiral rows of 12 mm tines ensures high loading capacity and provides for a material flow that does not damage the feed..Large tires guarantee perfect driving performance and vehicle safety and are gentle with the ground.The robust floating spur gearbox is a closed oil bath gearbox with 90 mm diameter shaft and is designed for high performance.The 35 mm cutting unit guarantees an optimal cut and swivels out hydraulically.Quick unloading.Aggressive tines on the dosing rollers provide for high unloading performance and spread the material evenly on the silo.A tailgate indicator is located on the front side to ensure optimal unloading.The rollers are driven by a slip-on drive. The hydraulic scraper floor drive is reversible.The Raptor is available either without dosing rollers, or with 2 or 3 aggressive dosing rollers.Electrically operated control panel for high operating safety. All hydraulic functions are controlled from the driver's seat. Indicator lights give the respective feedback signals.For Raptor models 35 S and 36 K.All vehicles are equipped with a 4-spring tandem chassis with parabolic suspension. The hydraulically lockable follow-up axle guarantees optimal manoeuvrability and protects the ground and the tires.Optionally available with forced steering.

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