KAREN is the newest solutions of raspberry and blueberry harvester. It guarantees effective picking and very high quality of harvested fruits with minimum operating actions and constant working parameters. Innovative covers and the sealing system minimizes fruits losses and increase efficiency of cleaning unit. The technological solutions found in KAREN allow to work on plantations in all conditions. The harvester quaranting effective and comfortable fruit collection.

raspbery harvest wiht KAREN
  • effecive picking and very high quaity of harvester fruits
  • sealing system which minimizes fruit losses
  • perfect system of catchers
  • the unique storage system for filled totes
  • capacious platform to store full and empty totes
  • adjustable harvester height up-down
  • 50% more capacious transporters
  • lightweight construction and wide tires+
  • ability of picking fruits growing on a flat field, on beds, without supports and wit T-supports
  • independent hydraulic system with oil cooler and thermostat
  • effective shaking system , delicate treating of berries
  • comfortable and effective fruit seletion zone

bluberry picked up with KAREN harvester

One row, triled harvester

Picking tunnel clearance: 2,65 m
Total platform capacity: 760 kig
Adjustable harvester height: 0,1 - 0,6 m
Min. PTO power demand 47 HP*
* Demanded very slow gear, from 0,5 km/h

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