- Model D Series - Injectors


The DB & DD Series offer an inexpensive way inject almost any liquid into a water line at an adjustable ratio. Built with the same quality and pride as the J Plus, these pumps will inject one chemical up to a 1:100 ratio with models rated for 20 or 50 GPM. These models feature an adjustable feed ratio which makes fine tuning the injection ratio as easy as twisting a knob. Injectors can be turned down to 1/10th of their maximum feed ratio.

Industry Leading Quality

Legendary dependability helps saves time on maintenance

Easy Installation and Operation

Save money and install it yourself with our help

Positive Displacement

Extremely accurate injection helps save money on chemicals

Diaphragm Operation

No sliding seals, accuracy does not degrade over time

Volume Proportioning

Constant chemical levels regardless of flow rates

Adjustable Feed Rate

Change the feed rate while unit is operating and without recalibrating

Filter not required

Save money and time by not having to mess with a filter

Extremely Low Pressure Loss

Won't affect existing plumbing and irrigation systems' operation

Low power consumption

Can be powered with a battery or solar power

On/Off and Pulse button

Simple to use

15 month warranty

We proudly stand behind our products

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