- Dry Granular


Heat is the enemy!! Keep your TMRs cool with Ration Guard. Ration Guard can keep TMRs cool for up to 24 hours. Cooler TMRs means more intake which means more milk, more beef! No fumes, no foul odor, makes Ration Guard easy to work with and easy to use.

A major problem on commercial farms is hot rations. This is caused by the presence of yeast and mold. Cattle consuming hot rations may experience a decrease in feed intake that will negatively affect the production of meat and milk. RATION GUARD® contains a patented non-acidic formula that slows down mold growth resulting in cooler rations.

In a recent experiment at a large commercial dairy in Florida (Figure 1), RATION GUARD® was tested during the summer months to determine its effect on the temperature of the total mixed ration (TMR). RATION GUARD® -treated feed had consistently lower temperatures indicating less mold growth. During August (Figure 2), feed treated with RATION GUARD® was as much as 6.9 degrees F cooler

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