High Plains Apache

- Model SmarTrax - Guidance & Automatic Steering System



Raven’s SmarTrax system upgrades the operator from a manual guidance system to automatic steering system. SmarTrax works well for all applications such as spraying, spreading, and seeding with the capability of operating at speeds up to 27mph. Incorporating SmarTrax into your farming operation will lead to increased profitability and accuracy while decreasing operator stress and fatigue.

  • Hydraulically controlled system enhances high-speed operation and faster line acquisition.
  • Operating speeds up to 27mph.
  • Automated system calibration simplifies startup.
  • Compatibility with all Raven guidance systems and field computers.
  • Unique yaw sensor design replaces the old wheel angle sensors and simplifies installation.
  • Best-in-class line acquisition saves time and steering at every turn.
  • Convenient foot-switch steering engagement keeps your hands free for other operations.
  • Clean cab installation is a welcome reality with SmarTrax, as there are no drive mechanisms to get in your way.
  • 3D terrain compensation automatically corrects for roll, pitch and yaw

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