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- Model SS-429 - Portable Fertilizer Belt Conveyor


The SS-429 is a universal conveyor for moving bulk materials. Control the rate of discharge by adjusting the belt speed from zero to 450 feet per minute. Direct the discharge chute for precise loading straight down or off of the end. Discharge height of 12’6” insures easy filling of most transport and floater trucks. The Ray-Man SS-429 Portable Fertilizer Belt Conveyor is balanced for one-man hook-up, and its adjustable wheel track provides outstanding stability over the road or through the field. Motor and adjustment covers shield moving parts while safety guards protect operators.


SS-429 Portable Fertilizer Belt Conveyor is a stainless steel conveyor designed to unload grain and fertilizer out of a hopper bottom trailer.

Floater Loader
The Floater Loader conveyor can be used to unload most bulk materials. It has a rugged frame that does not fold so there are no dangerous pivot points. The conveyor’s hopper has a versatile design so that it can be filled using an end dump truck, live bottom trailer or loader. It also has a convenient hydraulic landing gear for easy hook-up to your floater or pick-up truck.

The Floater Loader conveyor is primarily used for moving agricultural lime from a dump truck to a spreader truck. They are manufactured in two sizes (24” or 30” belt) to suit all of your loading applications.

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