- Model VBS/VBT Series - Mounted and Foldable Vibrocultivator



The RAZOL vibrocullivators have 2 frames, the VBS one is made of beams with a 80 x 80 mm section, the VBT having 100 x 100 mm.
The frame's box section is linked to the working width, and consequently offers whatever the size, all the robustness guarantees even in the toughest conditions.

Foldable by 2 double-acting rams the VBS and VBT vibrocultivators have respectively a transport width of 2.50 m and 3 m.The VBS receives 4 different types of tines . 32 x 10. 32 x 10 'Punch Ball', 32 x 12 and straight 32 x 10.The VBT 2 types : 32 x 10 'Punch Ball' and 32 x 12.
The VBS has a range going from 41 to 61 tines with a working width going from 4.10 m to 6.10 m and the VBT from 65 lo 85 tines with a working width going from 6.50 m to 8.50 m.The power required extends from 90 to 240 HP. A whole range ot accessories can adapt on the frame: a front levelling board to break the clods and level the ground specially in ploughed land, single or double notched rollers which consolidate and improves the break up of the soil while sorting small clods and a comb harrow, which can be associated to a roller,brushes and levels the soil in a supplementary aerating operation.

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