Model RB - Scraper


The'Rolling Box'Scraper makes leveling easy and gives high productivity. You can rip, level, and pack all in one pass. Pull-type design reduces the vertical movement of the blade significantly as the tractor bounces over rough terrain. See significant results the first time over.

Each 'lift' is packed by the heavy steel roller as it's placed, reducting the need for secondary operations. Or, the unit may be equipped with rubber tires if compaction isn't wanted. The trunnion style hitch and gooseneck frame provide for 90 degree turns, with up to 30 degrees of oscillation.

The steel roller on the RB-R model breaks clods, smooths, and packs. The drum can be filled with fluid or sand for added weight. It's mounted on sealed bearings.

Large flotation tires on the RB-W model provide for easy transportation when packing isn't needed. The wheels are interchangeable with a roller.

With more than 20' between the frame and mold-board, and adjustable side skirts to hold the load in, this unit provides exceptional capacity.

Massive frame supports scarifier teeth for ripping through hard soil. Blade is heat treated and double beveled for long life.

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