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Model RC 80 90 NE - Onion Loader



High efficiency onion loader with a selection table and an elevator for lateral discharge.

This machine has been designed principally for harvesting onions but also red beet and potatoes with a two phases system. It is a towed machine with an hydraulically driven drawbar. Steering wheels (opt). The pick up is interchangeable. The standard version consists of 2 conveyors with adjustable level wheels and hydraulically driven paddles. The sieving-elevator web is really large (80 cm) and has crancked bars covered in star PVC to prevent rolling and peeling. The selection table (accessible on two sides for two people) consists of an adjustable hydraulically driven web (width 80 cm. pitch 36 mm) that conveys the product to the swan neck.On request, 6 digging rollers or 3 digging rollers with a longitudinal cleaning hedgehog can be supplied. A large swan neck (width 90 cm) unloads the product directly into trailers (up to an height of 3.8 m) or into transporting crates on special carriages as long as the swan neck is equipped with a special outlet funnel. The care afforded to machine construction and details ensures the delicate harvesting of crops and exceptional performance that varies between 20 and 50 t/h. The hydraulic commands of the machine are electromagnetic.

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