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Model RC2 - Electronic Basal Area Calculator


RC2 is economical and a simple to use electronic basal area calculator.

Economic inventory tool
Paperless basal area calculator for productive forest inventory and planning work

Reliable results
User can observe after every plot if the average basal area distribution has stabilized

Readymade reporting
RC2 is delivered with a PC software for reporting
and data storing

User accepts every tree which is to be counted by pushing a button. Counting can be done by species. After counting the RC2 asks the average heights of the trees for every species. RC2 calculates basal area and the volume of the species based on form factors fed by the user in the settings menu.

RC2 is an ideal tool for basal area and tree volume calculations. Using the averaging basal area calculation function the user can observe after every plot if the distribution of the measurement has stabilized or not. This feature gives feed back to the user when the readings are reliable already during the survey.

RC2 is a handy instrument for paperless work in the forest. RC2 gets power from one AA-battery which lasts for many weeks work. RC2 is waterproof and works in cold and heat.

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