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Model RC3H BT - Basal Area Counter Calculator – Clinometer



RC3H is ALL-IN-ONE tool for basal area inventory work. It can be used also as an individual instrument for tree height, slope angle, distance and tree diameters.

Basal area counter calculator + clinometer
for productive inventory and planning work

Light weight and ergonomic design
Weight under 400 g

Economic data collector for handling inventory data
Paperless inventory tool

RC3H is an ideal tool for basal area and tree volume calculations. Using the averaging basal area calculation function the user can observe after every plot if the distribution of the measurements has stabilized or not. This feature gives feed back to the user when the readings are reliable already during the survey.

RC3H utilizes MASSER PRINCIPLE I height measurement idea. RC3H uses basic trigonometry to calculate distance and heights. This principle makes it possible to measure height of the tree from one point at any distance without walking to the tree.

Inbuilt electronic clinometer with hologram sight makes it possible to use RC3H as an electronic dendrometer. This feature allows the user measure diameters from distance at whatever height.

RC3H can be used also for measuring pile heights and for calculating the pile volume.

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