Gourdon Trailers

Model RCM24 - Multi-Function Trailer



Tubular chassis with reduced height. Tandems and tridems with rods flattened assemblies. Axle on RCM32. Arrow spring. Hydraulic jack. 12 volts electric operated distributor. Bolted Guima arm on chassis

  • Following axle
  • Forced following axle
  • Hydro-self connection (patented system)
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic mixed brake
  • Low-pressure tires
  • Bodywork buckets/decks/cisterns on rock/TP case
  • Articulated power
  • Back lifting device
  • Hydraulic locking in front of boxes
  • Arrow with hydraulic suspension
  • Hydraulic suspension on travelling train
  • Poclain hydraulic assistance on axles
  • Scharmuller kneecap ø80 attachments
  • Scharmuller attachment ring

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