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- Model Peflox - For Anti Biotics



COMPOSITION; Each 1gm of peflox contains Pefloxacin 100 mg(as pefloxacin methane Sulphonate dihydrate). INDICATIONS: Effective against mycoplasma infection (CRD) Salmonella infections (Fowl typhoid, paratyphoid, pullorum disease). E.coli infections(Colisepticaemia,colibacillosis),Pasteurellosis(Fowl cholera),Gangrenous dermatitis,Haemophillus (Coryza),Secondary bacterial infectionsassociated with viral diseases. Peflox acts as broad spectrum of activity against Gram+Ve, Gram_Ve & Mycoplasma spp and also that are resistant to other antibiotics.

DOSAGE & Administration Prevension :

  • 200-250 gm per tone feed for 3-5 days
  • (1gm/2L of drinking water for 3-5 days)
  • Or as directed by registeeered veterinary practitioner.

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