KJ Klimateknik A/S

Model REA-720-1050-1600-1800 - Ceiling Inlets


KJ ceiling inlets are used as air inlets from loft spaces into the barn. The ceiling inlets may form the entire air intake of the ventilation system, or they can be a supplement for, for instance, wall inlets, in cases where the barn is built immediately next to other buildings. Another possibility is to build the ventilation system as a so-called combi-diffuse system.At low ventilation degrees, the air intake of the barn goes through the insulation/ceiling lining. When the ventilation degree exceeds a preset percentage, the ceiling inlets will open and the ventilation will be in the form of jet ventilation. With a combi-diffuse system, you have the advantages of the diffuse system and at the same time, you get air circulation in the barn in warm periods.

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