Ready-Mix Concrete

Pallette Stone Corporation and Jointa Galusha, LLC — proud members of the D.A. Collins family of businesses — operate state-of-the-art concrete plants which use our own aggregate in combination with cement to produce a variety of ready-mix products in accordance with various specifications. Our plants are fully automated to precisely regulate the quality of the concrete product. We begin by working with your team of architects, engineers and contractors to develop a formula for the specialized mix that will meet your needs. Then, stone and sand from our quarries are evaluated by our Quality Control Laboratory to ensure that the raw materials meet state standards and those set by the American Concrete Institute. The stone and sand are combined with cement, water and additives in our batch plants and precisely weighed by the most advanced computerized batch systems to ensure the mixture meets the specific mix specifications. The components are blended and mixed for quality and consistency prior to being delivered to the project site. To assist in the placement of the product, we have our own line of concrete pump trucks with a variety of booms. This equipment is maintained and upgraded frequently to utilize new technologies that prevent plugging and down-time. All of Jointa Galusha’s and Pallette Stone’s products — including high strength, low strength and Flowable Fill varieties — are manufactured to satisfy our customers’ highest expectations.

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