Real Industries Ltd.

- Deluxe Squeeze Chute



Deep ribbed checker plate floor in both squeeze and palpation area. Operate from either side by a single operator. Side opening doors to release cows from either side. Removable bottom panels to allow for easy access. Integral palpation cage with door on both sides. Palp doors move with squeeze to eliminate all corners that calves can turn in. Includes removable spring loaded headgate, automatic with dual controls. Parallel axis squeeze action to center animal, calm them and keep them from going down. Wide opening and removable side access gates for increased access to animals. The sliding rolling gate that operates from both sides, is made out of 1 tubing. Dual adjustable linkage for even pressure front and back.

  • No return ratchet butt bar
  • Built Heavy duty
  • Adjusts from 13' to 30'
  • Swing out neck doors for injections
  • Height 6'6'
  • Width 50'
  • Length 11.5' ( with neck extender)
  • Over 2000 lbs

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