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KDT series of SaMASZ mowers is the most frequently purchased series in our offer. Since the beginning of their introduction to the market KDT mowers have been used by thousands of customers in Poland and in the whole world. During their design we took into consideration the most up-to-date global development trends. Thanks to that, KDT match modern mowers of leading european manufacturers. They are much cheaper in purchase as well as in maintenance, made of the best materials, they are a great alternative even to the most demanding customers.Since 2011 KDT mowers have been equipped with new Perfect CUT cutterbar. Disc mowers are economical alternative to drum mowers especially on large farms, because they are 20% cheaper in maintenace and are more durable.

Mechanical safety breakawaydevice (with hardened inserts)
In case of coming into an immovable obstacle the breakaway device is pulled out and the mower folds backwards giving time to an operator to stop working and evade an obstacle. The force at which the device will operate is regulated by means of a spring, which is set by the manufacturer and ensures proper work. During design of the device hardened insert were used.
Larger support springs
They enable decrease of pressure on the ground, which lowers resistance during work
Support mechanism when taking turns over swaths.
Owing to this solution an operator does not have to pay attention to the height to which he lifts the machine. It also spares time crucial during forage pick-up.

During transport there are the following protections:

  1. Mechanical lock
  2. Shut off hydraulic cylinde

Transport and operation
Modern, lighter and hardened suspension as well as hydraulic mechanism facilitate manouvering and transport. Switching from working to transport posi- tion by means of hydraulic mechanism.

  1. V-belts - the drive is transmitted through V-belts, which also function as star ratchet clutch.
  2. New intersecting axis gear - 60% harder and 200% more durable transmits the drive from V-belts to cutterbar. Replaceable pivot bushings with quick change.
  3. Replaceable hardened protecting slide (new) and other sliding skids made of hard-to-tear steel.

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