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- Model Z 010 - Drum Mowers



Drum mowers 1,65 m to 2,10 m have solid design and are very durable. Low power demand makes them one of the best in Polish market as well as abroad. Thanks to hydraulic lifting (optional equipment), mower can be easily transported at the rear or side of the tractor.

Design of drum mower:

  1. Improved sliding saucer hub – type IV – two double – row bearings (only Z 010/2 2,10 m),
  2. Regulated cutting height by means of distance ring.

  1. Genious invention of 20th century - cuts perfectly either lying grass or very high sedge - cane,
  2. Factory set 5,8 cm cutting height, regulated by distance rings,
  3. DLG Signum Test,
  4. Solid and tough design,
  5. Ideally fitted to the ground and even working height,
  6. Safety breakaway spring regulated by deflection,
  7. Quick and easy knife replacement,
  8. PTO shaft in standard equipment,
  9. Silent and stable operation.

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