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Recirculating Aquaculture System (Using EOH2O)

The purpose of using EOH2O technology for aquaculture is to achieve higher stocking loads, while reducing the transference and/or occurrence of loss due to disease outbreak. The EOH2O is able to: Reduce water wastage thru recycling and reuse, Provide a bio-security environment, Reduces and maintain suitable level of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate without need for daily water changes, Maintain high level of Dissolved Oxygen for microbial and aquatic species metabolic rates ยท Reduce phosphate (P2O4), Reduce TSS (total suspended solids), Oxidise, precipitate and removal of soluble Iron, Copper, and Arsenic, Inactivate various pathogenic organisms, Limit and/or remove the need to use injectable and/or topical antibiotic and oxidizing agents (permanganate, methalyn blue, malachite green, formalin, Amaglyden, Amoxycilin, Gentamycin, oxytetracycline)

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