- Multi Purpose Dump Trailers


The Redrock Multi Purpose Dump Trailers are suited for transporting minicranes. The Multi Purpose Trailer can also be used as a normal silage trailer and as a transporttrailer. A combined 3 in 1 system.

Redrock Milti Purpose Dump Trailer (MDT). Low-bed trailer; dumper and flat bed trailer. 3 in 1.


  • Boxwidth 240 cm.
  • Boxlength 480 cm.
  • Boxheight 60 cm.
  • Capacity 14 ton.
  • Unique hydraulic door
  • Capacity 7,25m3
  • Width of the inside of the box 2350 mm.
  • Tires 15R22.5
  • Two liftcilyndres
  • Boogie axles
  • Suspended drawbar
  • Stabilisation cilyndres for tipping the trailer (backaxle is then pushed down)

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