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- Low Surface Disturbance Subsoiler


The REHAB is a specially designed low surface disturbance subsoiler – it increases available oxygen and nutrients to promote quick root development and a healthy plant.

The winged points provide maximum soil shatter combined with a deep cutting disc to ensure minimum surface disturbance and better moisture retention. By loosening lower down the soil profile, water infiltration is improved and vigorous growth is encouraged by deep rooting of the plant. The soil is better aerated and warms rapidly in the spring.

The REHAB encourages a friable surface with the entire previous crop residue remaining on the surface to avoid locking up large amounts of valuable nitrogen.

  1. Cutting Serrated discs mounted on pressure controlled arms slice through the surface residue, ensuring a lower disturbance to the topsoil. Each disc arm has a pressure ram that enables a consistent contact with the ground contours.
  2. Shattering The hydraulically pressurised auto-reset trailing leg has a two sectioned replaceable point and wing. There is a choice of wings which are simply retained by the replaceable points.
  3. Consolidating The hydraulically operated wheel packer directly consolidates and closes the opening behind the leg, leaving a weatherproof soil structure without the risk of drying out.

  • Working Width 3m
  • Number of Legs 5
  • Leg Spacing 600mm
  • Working Depth 200-400mm
  • Optimum Working Speed 6-10 km/h
  • Tractor Requirement 150-300hp

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