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Specially constructed for rotor combines in which the straw is separated by one or two long rotors. A heavy air stream from the chaff spreader helps to spread the chopped straw. When swathing, the chaff is spread to the sides as usual. Furthermore there is a possibility to collect the chaff together with the windrowed straw.

Higher demand on husk treatment

During the last years the importance of a proper function of thedistribution equipment for chaff and straw has been increasing. The main reasons for this are:

  • The development of larger combines with larger cutting widths and a higher flows of straw and chaff.
  • More husks are obtained with the higher yields and the more intensive straw processing often used today.
  • With reduced tillage the spreading evenness has become of greater importance.

Developments to meet new higher demand

Rekordverken has recently developed two totally new systems, theCombisystem and the Plus system. The Combisystemis suited for combines with traditionally straw walkers. The Plus systemis specially constructed for rotor combinesin which the straw is separated by one or two long rotors. Moreover, a new chaff spreader and new knives and rotorsfor better chopping characteristics, without increasing energy use, have been developed.

Function of the Plus system

A specially designed chaff spreader throws the chaff into the straw flow at the chopper tailboard (Figure 1). By adding the airflow from thechaff spreader to the airflow from the chopper, the mixed husk can be spread evenly over a width of over 12 m(40 ft). The actual spreading width is determined by the speed of the chaff discs. When the straw is swathed, the chaff is spread to the sides without the chopper running.

High and safe performance

Primary advantages with the Plus system are the increased spreading width and higher spreading evenness. Furthermore, by using the air stream from the chaff spreader the spreading width is highly increased without increasing energy consumption.

Mix chaff and straw

By adding a rubber cloth below the straw chopper, gives possibility to mix chaff into the swathed straw.

Excellent test results

The Plus system will be mounted on combine harvesters delivered by leading manufacturers in the world. Previously the system has been extensively tested in several countries. The tests have shown good results with excellent spreading evenness, low power demand and high working reliability.

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