Release Cubicle



Release Cubicle is an animal-friendly cubicle with many advantages for the cow. It contains of flexible synthetic tubes. Cows do not hurt themselves and can not get stuck under the cubicle. This provides a higher level of Cow Comfort.


  •     The Release cubicle allows cows to behave naturally.
  •     Cows have enough space to lay down and to stand up.
  •     Cows do not damage themselves and cannot get stuck.
  •     The separation tube is adjustable in height and depth.


The cubicle contains an animal-friendly flexible tube of high quality synthetic material. The tube is connected to the main post in the front. The curved post creates a strong overall structure. The adjustable tree wither is connected at the horizontal portion of the curved post. The construction provides enough freedom for the cow.

Technical Data:

  • Measurments : On request
  • Material : High quality synthetic tubes with a soft rubber top at the end.

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