Reliable and Heavy-Duty Engines


Power Solutions International’s expanded engine line — PSI Heavy-Duty (PSI HD) — features heavy-duty engines with outputs spanning from 63 kW to 451 kW. The PSI HD line includes 8.1 liter engines, 11.1 liter engines, 14.6 liter engines, 18.3 liter engines, and 21.9 liter engines.

Ruggedized parts grafted onto hefty blocks ensure maximum performance and reliability in even the most demanding applications. All models are available as base engines or complete power systems with controls, fuel and cooling systems, and peripherals.

Our HD engines are fuel flexible — available in natural gas, propane (LP), and dual-fuel configurations — and feature automatic fuel changeover suitable for Emergency Standby Genset applications. In addition, all models are capable of burning low-BTU fuels like digester gas and landfill gas.

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