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- Model 3700D - Grain Vacuum


The REM Grain Vacuum 3700D makes loading grain fast and easy.   Independent tests by grain elevators indicate that the REM Grain VAC causes less damage to valuable seed than conventional vacuum systems where high speed airlocks are used. The unique drum and exhaust design separates dust and foreign matter from the grain, thereby improving the quality of the material that you deliver.

  • Up to 10,000 bushels per hour (approx 273 tonnes per hour) during full bin load out

  • 4,0000-5,000 bushels/hour (approx 109 - 136 tonnes per hour) with 50 feet of hose at full bin load-out

  • 5,500 bu/hr (approx 150 tones per hour) with 35 feet of hose attached directly to an 8 inch bin sump at full-bin load-out

  • Low Noise

  • Automatic Air Throttle - minimizes tractor lug-down & increases tractor efficiency.

  • Auger unfolds right next to the bin

  • 16' auger clearance - use with large trucks and grain carts

  • Compact hose storage

  • 55' (16.8 m) of hose and attachments are standard equipment

  • Rubber Torsion axles for high speed towing

  • Standard Convenience Features

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