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- Model 1000 - Soil Additive



RenoSan® 1000 is an environmentally friendly product. It is produced from high-quality natural raw materials, e.g. from various algae types, and is therefore the ideal soil additive. The high humic acids content prevent salinization, loosen the soil, and ensure optimal nutrient availability. This promotes vigorous root development and low sensitivity to harmful environmental influences. RenoSan® 1000 promotes a dense compact sward, which Discourages pests e.g. weed and moss encroachment.

Fields of Application and Use

  • Golf and bowling Greens, tees, fairways
  • Sports and lawn areas


  • Improves the development of grass roots
  • Increases the density of grass roots
  • Increases the stability of cell walls against damage

Instructions for use

Application period:
Year-round (easy handling)

Dosage instructions:
Fill RenoSan® 1000 undiluted into a standard sprayer and soak the grass surface. Stir or shake the spray liquid thoroughly and avoid longer pauses during the treatment process.

Hardi nozzle 0.8 brown / coarse sieve / 2 km/h

Application rate

300 g/m²
Spot treatment: 
Knap Sack Sprayer e.g. 10 kg is sufficient for an area of 30 m²
Canopy Spray:
Pedestrian Outfield Sprayer e.g. 1,500 kg is sufficient for an area
of 5,000m²

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