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Biostimulant with a fast physiological action designed to improve the microbiological and physico-chemical conditions of the soil for optimum nutrient absorption and transport, and to favour root development and the formation of absorbing roots, so the crop can overcome post-transplant states of stress. The special synergy of humic and fulvic acids and the algae extract allows the product to be used in foliar applications, from the budding stage to fruit setting, and stimulates the physiological processes that lead to better vegetative growth and fruiting. The adenine and zeatin from the algae extract accelerate cell division in the roots, stems, buds, leaves and fruit. The betaines and mannitol it contains maintain the metabolic activity, photosynthetic rate and activity of chloroplasts under conditions of stress, thus achieving a better final yield of the crop.

Doses and crops

General concentration for foliar spraying: 0.15-0.2 % (150-200 cc per 100 litres of water).

Horticultural cropsVia irrigation: 3-4 litres per ha; 3-5 applications throughout the crop cycle, with the first one at the sowing or pre-transplant stage.

StrawberriesVia irrigation: 3-4 litres per ha; 2 to 6 applications, 10-15 days after transplant and every 15 days.

Foliar application: 2-2.5 litres per ha; several applications.

Alfalfa. One foliar application of 1.5-2 litres per ha after each cut.

CerealFoliar application: 1.5-2 litres per ha. Apply in combination with herbicides to reduce stress and stimulate vegetative growth.

Citrus and fruit treesVia irrigation: 4-6 litres per ha; one application at budding stage in spring, at pre-flowering and fruit-setting stages and at budding stage in summer.

Table grape and grapevine. Via irrigation: 4-6 litres per ha; one application before budding stage, at pre- and post-flowering stages and at the beginning of summer.

Banana treesVia irrigation: 4-6 litres per ha; 3-4 applications from the formation of the sucker.

Olive trees.Foliar application: 300-500 cc/ 100 litres of water; one application in spring and another at stone hardening.

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