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Even before AMERICAN FABRIC FILTER CO. became a separate company, Sifter Parts and Service was manufacturing a very popular, efficient and cost-effective industrial sifter. The highly versatile CS-1 (Allis-Chalmers) Gyratory Sifter can be user-configured to handle upwards of 50,000 lbs. of dry flour per hour.

For smaller through-put requirements, American Fabric Filter Co. manufacturers two smaller sifters. The Portable Reclaim Sifter is designed to fit over a 55 gal. drum or large Rubbermaid-style plastic container. With a variable speed/intensity vibrating electric motor, interchangeable screens and convenient side overs port, it can be used to screen sacks of powders, separate seeds and grains or reclaim usable product from tailings.

The Screenette Table Top Sifter handles small batches of product to be sifted and collected at an output chute. Its compact size and flexible mounting configurations make it a natural for test labs, pilot production runs and smaller measured quantities of spices, foods, plastics, chemicals and other powdered products. For even smaller batches, test sieves are available in brass/stainless steel.

AFF manufacturers custom screens for reel-type sifters to your specifications for screen fabrics, hems, seams and add-ins. We re-screen wood and metal insert frames. We stock cleaning balls, cubes and brushes.

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