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Growers spend hundreds of dollars per acre to install a state of the art micro irrigation system, but these systems will only be as good for the user as the water that runs through them. The reasons for plugging are many.


For surface water, it generally algal/bacterial and for sub surface water it can be high mineral/bicarbonate levels or buildup of biological slimes (slime bacteria that colonize in the distribution system), or both. Plugging can also be caused by a user’s choice of Fertigation/Chemigation chemistries that can combine into a sludge and create buildup. Most often the source of the problem lies in the water source, and that is where Ag Water Chemical of California can help.
Water Treatment Evaluation

Once a water sample has been analyzed as to what the possible cause(s) of plugging might be, the proper product(s) must be selected. We have always recommended a preventative program of constant treatment, using only 1-2 PPM of Agritec or Kleen Flo injected prior to filtration.

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