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- High Lift Gate


The original Reporoa High Lift Gate © is an effective addition to your yard. The strong and clever design is easy to operate, ensures maximum cow flow though your rectangular yard and it is perfect for small herds and yards less than 300 cows.

The benefits of Reporoa High Lift Gate in your yard:

  • Automates the whole cow management and loading operation into the shed (Herringbone and Rotary).
  • Cows are encouraged to moved easily from yard to shed, resulting in minimal operator involvement and consequently less stress on animals and operators.
  • Minimises labour requirements and maximises the other advantages of labour saving innovations such as automatic cup removers.
  • Increases efficiencies when milking more than one herd during one milking session.
  • Time saving after milking with the additional yard washing system - no more hosing down the yard after milking has finished.

Features of the Reporoa High Lift Gate:

  • Motorised Gear boxes
  • Single Phase Power
  • Siren Prompter
  • Tailored Operator Controls from within the shed
  • No electric current to stress cows
  • Automatic gate lowering on forward traverse
  • Automatic gate lift on reverse
  • 1800 mm clearance under gantry
  • Additional add on – The DUNGBUSTER™ Automatic Yard Washing SystSaveem can be easily fitted.

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