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Restore 70g



Restore 70G improves soil structure by providing a concentrated source of 70% humic acid (by weight).

General Information:

  • Not crop specific
  • Adds organic material, stimulates soil life, provides supplemental source of trace elements
  • Improved solubility (76% soluble) to speed activity in the soil and enhance uptake
  • Increases nutrient absorption, exchange, and retention
  • Available in 50lb bags, bulk bags, bagged truckloads, crushed, mesh particle sizes.


  • General Recommendations:
  • May be broadcast incorporated with seed, in furrow, or banded. Effectiveness and efficiency increased when incorporated into the soil
  • Mixes with all liquid fertilizers, including UAN and ammonium polyphosphate
  • Apply pre-plant to prepare the soil for the growing season

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