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Retail Mart Permanent Greenhouse



This popular retail greenhouse provides an optimal, year-round, shopping environment. Offering plenty of sunlight and ventilation, this greenhouse also features a unique benching system, which can be removed or adjusted to accommodate seasonal displays and larger items.
Galvanized steel construction and sturdy polycarbonate sheeting ensure quality for years of successful merchandising. Our many customizable features allow you to tailor the Retail-Mart to your specific needs.

Integrated Plant Displays:
Retail-Mart comes with display benching brackets built in.

Natural Ventilation:
Slide-Side ventilation keeps your customers comfortable.

Hang Lots of Baskets
The Retail-Mart includes four runs of hanging basket
purlins per bay.

Integrated and removable display benching 

The Retail-Mart contains built-in side and center benching brackets to display your product to your customers in the best possible way. These high capacity built-in displays provide more benching area than standard block & plank. Each bay also includes four runs of hanging basket purlins. Display benching can be removed for seasonal sales such as Christmas trees and snow blowers.

Galvanized bench tops included
Strong and attractive 6-foot bench tops are included so you don't have to make your own out of wood. Bench tops are easy to install and long-lasting. Best of all no more splinters or sore back from lifting heavy wooden bench tops.

Choice of integrated center bench
Choose from the 'Z' bench display or if you want to display as many flats as possible then choose the flat stacker center display.

Integrated Side Wall Brackets

Two-tier bench top arrangement: This is the configuration for the side bench tops when you purchase either the Standard or Expanded Metal Bench Top Packages. It consits of an 18” and a 36” bench top and you have the option to purchase the additional lower bench tops for more capacity. Without the optional lower bench tops, this arrangement holds 15 flats per 6’ section. The additional lower bench tops adds 6 more flats per 6’ section.

Double Sliding End Doors

A wide six-foot opening allows easy access to the Retail-Mart for your customers and carts. Choose from double sliding or double swinging doors. Covered in durable, twin-wall polycarbonate they stand up to the rigors of a busy retail environment.


Slide-Side ventilation is easy to use and will keep your customers comfortable and happy in all weather conditions. Additional ventilation can be added with high-output exhaust fans.


Choose from several different types of long-lasting polycarbonate structured sheeting or even corrugated steel.

  • Width: 14’, 16’, 18’, 20’
  • Cover: Clear or white 6 mil. UVI treated polyethylene
  • Length: starting at 16’ with increments of 4’ or 6’
  • End wall cover: Clear or white 6 mil. UVI treated polyethylene
  • Height at apex: half of the width
  • Frame: 1.66” O.D. 16 ga. galvanized steel tube
  • Frame spacing: 4' or 6'
  • Purlin: (1) 1.163” O.D. 17 ga. galvanized steel tube


Schaefer fiberglass exhaust fans and Plant-Air HAF
circulation fans give you many choices for mechanical ventilation.

Exhaust Fans
Click here for more information.

Circulation Fans
Click here for more information.

Standard Bench Tops or Expanded Metal Bench Tops
Standard Bench Top:These are our basic bench tops included in the Standard Bench Package. They use connected “slats” of galvanized metal to create the bench top and are the less expensive alternative when buying bench tops for your Garden Mart. They are perfect for displaying flats or any product that is more than three inches wide. If you need the versatility to be able to display smaller items, then our expanded metal bench tops are for you.

Expanded Metal Bench Top:These bench tops are provided with our Expanded Metal Bench Top Package. On top of our Roll-Form bench top, we add 20-gauge, galvanized, flattened expanded metal for more versatility when displaying small items and hard goods.    

Additional Doors
Choose from double sliding, single sliding or swinging door options; standard size is 6' x 6' 8' and custom sizes are available.

Width 21' per bay
Door 6' wide x 6'-8' tall

Length starting at 18' with increments of 6'
Cover lear or white 8 mil. polycarbonate structured sheeting

Truss height 8'-6' (ground to bottom chord)
Truss 5-part system, 1' and 1.66' galvanized steel tubing

Height at apex 14'-3'
Frame 2' o. d. 14-gauge galvanized steel tubing

Frame spacing 6 foot

Ventilation Slide-Side and/or exhaust fans

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