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- Spray-Stop Nozzle



Retrofitable pneumatic nozzle shut off for standard nozzle holders.By dividing the sealing system of the pneumatic cylinder from the nozzle holder it was possible to create a very robust sealing. Due to the use of a very hard wearing and fault tolerant lip seal as sealing element it is possible to guarantee a long product life. Fits all standard nozzle bodies, ARAG TeeJet, Hypro and Braglia

  • Retrofitable pneumatic nozzle shut off with a durable, robust and fail – safe sealing
  • Easy to upgrade standard nozzle boddies, independent from the manufacturer of the original equipment
  • Investment protection through the usage of a durable nozzle shut off
  • The shut off of the liquid takes place in the cylinder of the altek “Spray – Stop” and is independent from the nozzle holder
  • No diaphragms between nozzle holder and pneumatic cylinder
  • Sealing carried out independent of the nozzle. No problems occur due to misalignment of the piston and the nozzle holder. Thereby the compatibility of the valves to standard bodies systems is ensured
  • The slide of the pneumatic cylinder is being sealed in a lip-seal, which means no frontal sealing faces. Therefore no leaks because of seated sealings
  • For easy fit completed units (nozzle bodies + Spray - Stop) are available

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