- Broiler Feeding System



Easier, more comfortable eating. Faster rate of gain. More precise feed level control. More consistent bird uniformity. Conserves feed; less feed waste. Greater total bird weight. Reliable and innovative construction

Chore-Time's REVOLUTION® Feeder's ingenious scalloped grill was designed specifically to fit the rounded shape of today's larger broilers. Birds eat comfortably from the pan's perimeter and waste less feed.

Together, the pan design, anti-rake fins and sculpted grill help keep feed waste to a minimum while still providing easy, comfortable access for birds of all sizes.

On the floor or in the air, the REVOLUTION® Feeder introduces the ability to progressively adjust the feed level instead of cutting off brood levels abruptly. Begin with a high brood level for chicks, then reduce the feed level gradually for incrementally lower feed levels as birds grow With the REVOLUTION® Feeder, you can even adjust brood feed levels automatically using a ramping program for up to 10 different feed levels.

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