- Model 620 - Sugar Beet Harvester



Througout the development of the REXOR 620, Grimme focussed on economics and efficiency. We used the most modern simulation and design techniques and created an extremely high-performance 6-row sugar beet harvester. The REXOR 620 is setting new standards in its class regarding fuel economy and running costs.

The compact unit made up of the flail topper and the integrated scalper is accurately heightguided by seven steel wheels. The topper shaft, which is equipped with steel flails reliably grasps the beet leaf and possible weeds and chops them finely by means of its integrated counter blades. In order to adapt to different harvesting conditions and to reduce fuel consumption, the speed can be adjusted comfortably and steplessly from the cab. The special construction allows the chopped leaf mass to be deposited behind the scalper unit right between the beet rows. This ensures the optimum distributions of the leaf mass and therefore the nutrients. Due to this patented leaf-guiding, the parallelogram-guided scalper with automatic scalping height works evenly in the most adverse conditions without clogging, ensuring a clean and reduced loss after-cut. The cutting depth can be steplessly adjusted via the CCI 200 terminals.

The use of hydraulically driven Oppel wheels in the sugar beet harvesting process allows an optimised gentle product handling, minimises unnecessary soil pickup during the harvest and also prevents clogging of the digging unit even under the most extreme conditions. The side mobility of ± 40 mm also allows the loss-free pickup of unevenly planted beet rows.

Unique, the REXOR 620 is the first self-propelled sugar beet harvester with 40 km/h road speed as option.

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